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This my personal WIKI. It isn't intended for anything but to post information that might be interesting or useful for other people. Also so I don't forget things myself.

Some external links have a MHT beside them. These are archive files of the webpages should the original page be unavailable. To view them either use the UMHT addon with Firefox and simply click on the link and wait for the file to download and view, or with Internet Explorer right mouse on the link, save it to your PC and open the file.

My Projects:

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Falcon 4:

Falcon 4 Editing:

Falcon Misc:

Falcon 4 Downloads:

Not my creations, just mirrored here to ensure they are available. I also put files up here I know to be now offline elsewhere.

Other sims:

Sim Hardware:

Touch Input:

Falcon 4 Gauges display

Head Tracking:


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