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Red Viper

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twilliamlee's Red Viper movie
Thommo's - The Pig
F-16 2D cockpit
Flyable F-111 with addon RAAF skin
Aeyes F-111 addon 2D cockpit

Red Viper (or FF4.0:RedViper) is an unauthorised free community addon for the original Microprose Falcon 4 or newer Lead Pursuit Falcon 4:Allied Force simulations. It is a standalone title and is not multiplayer compatible with the original Falcon 4, Falcon 4 Allied Force or any other community version of Falcon 4 including Open Falcon or Free Falcon. The current publically available version of Red Viper is Free Falcon4:Red Viper 1 (patch



  • improved graphics including particle system and new glass, shadow and lighting effects
  • full 6 DOV Track IR support
  • improved avionics
  • data edits to flight model, weapons and campaigns settings
  • AI improvements
  • multiplayer CTD (crash to desktop) fixes
  • voice communication
  • better explosions including debris and smoke effects
  • JDAM and JSOW weapons
  • IFF
  • -port command allows clients to specify multiplayer port
  • clickable 3D pit
  • fly many additional planes including the Mirage 2000, Rafale M and Viggen AJS-37/JA-37 and SK-37
  • compatible with Aeyes pits for planes other than the F-16

Version comparison

Red Viper has a long feature list, but does not offer the stability of Allied Force and arguably Open Falcon. It is more easily modified than the currently encrypted content of Free Falcon.


Red Viper was discovered on a popular Bittorrent site in January 2007, it was never officially released by the development team.


  • The PDF manual (FF4.0_RV1_Manual.pdf) is located in the DOCS directory of your Falcon installation once you have installed Red Viper.
  • Support for Red Viper is available on the Free Falcon forums at (free forum registration required).


  1. Install the original Falcon 4 from the original CDROM. Accept the default installation directory of c:\microprose\falcon4 OR install Falcon 4:Allied Force.
  2. Install the Red Viper Package 1.
  3. Install Red Viper Patch
  4. Install Red Viper Patch

For a more advanced guide that includes adding HiTiles, cockpits and other addons see the Ara's Rockin Install Thread link below.

RAAF F-111 Skins Installation

To replace the US markings on the F-111 with RAAF markings, either the three tone South East Asia (SEA) or grey schemes:

  1. Backup the existing file in your C:\MicroProse\Falcon4\terrdata\objects\KoreaObj directory.
  2. Download the zip file below (RAAF F-111 skins) containing the two skins (grey and South East Asia camo) and extract the files to a temporary area on your computer.
  3. For the three colour SEA scheme, copy the new file into C:\MicroProse\Falcon4\terrdata\objects\KoreaObj directory overwriting the existing file.
  4. For the grey scheme, use just the file, renaming it to before you copy it in.
  5. If you recompress your textures you will lose these skins. You will have to repeat the above installation instructions after recompressing.