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Triplehead is the use of three monitors to span a single display to present a wider field of view than can be achieved with a single monitor. This is also known as Surround Gaming. Surround gaming provides a more immersive gaming experience and also enhances the use of the TrackIR head tracking system. Triplehead display can be implemented using the Matrox Triplehead2Go (TH2Go) and more recently the ATI Eyeinfinity technology of the 58xx series of graphics cards. Nvidia is reportedly working on a 3D multi-monitor feature called 3D Vision Surround. Nvidia 3D Vision Surround will require Nvidia GT200 or GF100 GPUs in SLI. There is also a freeware software based surround gaming solution using two graphics cards called SoftTH that supports mixed resolutions but has limited game support.

Single display
Tripleheaded display

Surround gaming can be implemented different ways. Some games will not support higher resolutions and will only work on one monitor. Some games support the surround gaming resolutions natively, for example ARMA II, Rise of Flight and many others. Other games can be made to work in surround resolutions through the editting of configuration files or through the application of a modification (Universal Res Changer from Racer_S) - for example Evil Genius. Matrox provides the Surround Gaming Utility to assist with the configuration of games by the application of configuration file edits. These edits can include screen resolution, field of view and camera distance modifications.

SGU additional information screen for Battle of Britain II
Product TripleHead2Go Digital ATI EyeInfinity
Max Resolution 5040x1050 (3x1680x1050)1 7680x1600 (3x2560x1600)
(check monitor compatibility) (six display support in future cards)
Crossfire support Yes Yes, added in newer Catalyst versions
SLI Support Yes Not applicable
Interface Dual Link DVI/VGA Dual link DVI + at least one Displayport or active Displayport adaptor
Game configurator/assistance Yes No
Bezel Management Yes ATI advised will be added in Catalyst 10.3.
Supported Operating Systems Win2000, WinXP, Vista, Windows7, Linux, MacOs. Vista, Windows 7, Future Linux support.

1. 3x1680x1040 is supported in the latest Matrox firmware and Powerdesk. Some people have reported problems getting 3x1680x1040 working with some Nvidia drivers under Windows 7.


  • ATI Catalyst drivers 9.9, 9.10 and 9.11 do not support 3x1280x1028 which is the highest 4:3 ratio resolution the Triplehead2go supports. That is ATI broke that resolution starting at 9.9 when they bought out Eyeinfinity. Try a later driver.