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BMS 4.33 features movie

BMS 4.32 features movie
The BMS 4.32 Main Menu
Falcon4:BMS (BMS is an abbreviation of Benchmark Sims) is a community addon for the original Microprose Falcon 4 simulation. BMS dates back to the 20th September 2003 with the first announcement of Falcon 4 BMS. This announcement coincided with the release of F4-BMS 0.5 beta (from



BMS is the most complex, modern and complete version of Falcon 4 and is the only version that:

  • supports multiple monitors
  • has built in display extraction of cockpit displays
  • provides external MFD output in all views
Triplescreen support (v4.32)

Differences from the last commercial version of Falcon 4, Falcon 4: Allied Force are extensive. The 72nd VFW have a Allied Force to BMS transition guide to help:

[72nd VFW Allied Force to BMS transition guide (PDF)]

Flares lighting aircraft underside (v4.32)

There are errors in the default install of 4.32 BMS including problems with the key files and typos in the config files (detailed in the 72nd Guide).

RAAF skinned F-111 and F/A-18c


The latest version of BMS is version 4.33 that was released on the 31st of October 2015 as a 1.25 GB torrent file.

Version 4.32 was made publicly accessible in September 2011 as a 686 MB torrent file and was followed by seven patches.


There is extensive and well written documentation provided with the addon.

Support for BMS is available on the BenchMark Sims forums at (free forum registration required).

Additional documentation including checklists and information for pitbuilders can be found at:


The BMS setup routine asks for and requires the original FALCON4 executable from the original Microprose CDROM. BMS cannot be installed using Falcon 4: Allied Force.

For Multiplayer, forward ports 2934-2937 UDP and ports 9987-9989 UDP for IVC.



Q. Where can I get the original Falcon 4 EXE?

A. It is available in the Falcon Collection on

Q. How do I get legs in the cockpit?

A. See here (untested): or the thread on the BenchMark Sims forum.

Q. How do I get a flight of RAAF F-111s?

A. Insert a flight of F-111C for south east Asia camo or for the low-vis grey camo the F-111G.

Q. There are no comms when I talk to the tower?

A. You have to manually set the comms or use a pre-programmed DTC. To manually set the comms, hit COM1 button on the ICP, enter the airport frequency without the decimal point and without trailing zeroes (eg for 295.50 input 2955) and hit ENTR. The airport frequencies are in the documentation.

Q. I can't see all the cockpit when running TripleHead2Go?

A. TripleHead2Go setup


BMS Forums


Installation Torrent

Patch 1 Torrent

Havcap setup and rampstart instructions

Training videos (by others)

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