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TouchDown is a free application used to send keystrokes to games from a touchscreen.

Because TouchDown uses a webserver as the server with HTML as the interface it can be used with non-PC devices such as an Ipad.

The application is currently in beta.

The webserver that runs on your PC to recieve the keystrokes and deliver the web pages runs on port 80. If you have trouble with the application, check that you aren't running an existing web service on port 80.

Installation with Free Falcon controls:

  • Download the TD-Beta-WebCore- file from the TouchDown forums
  • Extract the contents of TD-Beta-WebCore- to a folder on your computer preserving the path information. There should be a DOCS folder under the folder where the executables live. This DOCS folder is where the game profile will be installed.
  • Extract the contents of WolfKeepers f16-for-touchdown to the DOCS subdirectory directory.
  • Run WEBSERVER.exe
  • From the Settings menu in the TouchDown Web Server enter the IP address of the device you are using to access the web pages (eg: your Ipad). You can get this information if you skip this step because the web server will log failed connection attempts in it's GUI.
  • Now on the device open the web broswer and browse to the IP address of your computer running the web server.