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Allied Force Intro Movie
Nikola Petrovic's Allied Force trailer
Allied Force F-16
Third party Stopworks 2D Cockpit, SAM smoke trail and dust from ground vehicles
One of the third party Stopworks Helmets
F-16 Formation with custom skin
Falcon 4:Allied Force or F4:AF is a combat flight simulation released in 2005 based on the Lockheed Martin F-16 multirole jet fighter. The Block 40, Block 50/52 and MLU variants of the F-16 are modelled and flyable. The simulation is essentially a re-release of the original 1998 Microprose Falcon 4 simulation with all of the fixes in the final 1.08 Falcon 4 patch as well as many other enhancements, fixes and modifications by the F4:AF developer Lead Pursuit. It is a standalone title and is not multiplayer compatible with the original Falcon 4 or any other community version of Falcon 4 including Open Falcon, RedViper or FreeFalcon. The simulation does not use any copy protection and supports the use of the Naturalpoint TrackIR head tracking device.


Version comparison

Allied Force is the latest commercial release and so is easily accessible. It is easy to install, with just the installation and application of the latest patch. It is very stable including multiplayer and has third party addon support including Stopworks cockpits and helmets (Stopworks is now offline), Aeyes cockpits (including widescreen) and HiTiles terrain.

The sim is able to be modified with community addons including plane skins and custom sounds.


(When updated to version 1.0.13)

  • avionics fixes
  • data file edits for aircraft loadouts, weapon effectiveness etc
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) improvements
  • additional aircraft textured
  • campaign mode fixes
  • graphical improvements including airbase lighting, new clouds and cockpit
  • terrain and scenery enhancements particularly airbases
  • support for widescreen resolutions
  • interface changes
  • single player stability fixes
  • multiplayer stability and smoothness fixes
  • support for Hyperlobby
  • DED (data entry display) output on the Logitech G15 Keyboard display
  • cockpit selector for Stopworks and other third party cockpits
  • rotating tires for the F-16 and some other aircraft
  • an autoupdater


Allied Force was released in June 2005 with subsequent patches released to a final patch version 1.0.13 in January 2008. The simulation is provided on a single CD-ROM with a introductory hardcopy "Basic Operations Manual" with the detailed manual supplied in Adobe PDF format in the docs folder of the installation.


Support is available from the GraphSim or Lead Pursuit websites.


  1. Install Falcon 4: Allied Force using the installation CDROM.
  2. Download the latest 1.13 patch from the Lead Pursuit website offical downloads page and install it.
  3. Install any addons such as HiTiles, StopWorks Pits, skins or sound packs.
  4. If behind a NAT firewall, forward the required ports to your host PC for multiplayer.
  5. Start the simulation.
  6. In the main menu choose Setup.
  7. In the top right hand corner click on the Viper text beside "Settings For" to access the logbook settings.
  8. Create your own pilot profile in the logbook.
  9. Adjust your difficulty, graphics, sound and controller settings and then exit to the main menu.
  10. In the main menu click on Battlefield to choose the theatre of operations.
  11. Play the sim.


To play the sim in a window rather than full screen, change your Windows colour depth to 16 bit. In the properties of the shortcut for F4:AF add "-window" ie:

"C:\Program Files\Lead Pursuit\Battlefield Operations\FalconAF.exe" -window

The Lead Pursuit official downloads site has several downloads including a Ramp Start guide for doing a complete startup of the jet.

If you forgot to start your TrackIR before starting the sim, start the TrackIR software and press ALT C and then T to avoid having to restart the sim.

System Requirements

Windows® 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista, Pentium® 4 1.5ghz or amd Athlon® 1.2ghz (Recommend: Pentium® 4 2.4ghz or amd Athlon® 1800), 2GB free hard disk space, 4x CD-ROM drive, 100% windows compatible mouse, keyboard and joystick 1024x768 resolution capable color monitor, 64mb 3D accelerated Directx® compatible video card (recommend 128MB) 100% Directx® version 9.0b or higher, compatible sound card, Internet access for multiplayer options (recommend: DSL or broadband)

Multiplayer Firewall Settings

Ports 2934 UDP and 2935 UDP need to be forwarded to your computer if you are behind a NAT firewall. For assistance in configuring your router see this site:


The offical FAQ is located on the Lead Pursuit website